- UV and weather resistance,
- anti color fading,
- washable and durable,
- nontoxic and environmentally friendly,
- 100% recyclable.
If you are looking for some information and advantages of poly rattan material for furniture on the Internet, you will find two great comments as follows:

First comment :

If your home has a garden, terrace, patio or any other form of outdoor space, it is most likely that you will want to make it as functional as possible by adding outdoor furniture. While it is important that your furniture is stylish, it is also most important that it is functional and durable. There are a lot of choices available in garden furniture but not all varieties combine all these qualities. Wicker style furniture, which is usually made from rattan wood, is popular in furniture making because of the decorative appearance it creates. However, in its natural form, it is not very serviceable for outdoor use because it becomes adversely affected by extreme weather conditions. There is, however, a viable alternative in the form of poly rattan, a synthetic fiber, which both retains the decorative aspect and adds outstanding durability.

Rattan, in its natural state, is a vine-type wood found in tropical regions. When it is cut, it is pliable and, therefore, easy to manipulate. It is generally woven into interlaced designs over a stronger frame, a process that creates an exotic-looking result. As the rattan dries, it hardens, making it suitable as sturdy furniture and other functional items such as baskets. While it is robust for indoor use, it does not withstand moisture very well and so becomes moldy, soggy, and somewhat unsightly when exposed to the elements. Even if you have sufficient indoor or outdoor space to store it from the rain, frost, or snow, the process of doing so is still inconvenient. In any event, furniture that can be left outside, ready for use, has huge benefits. Poly rattan fits the bill perfectly because it was designed to combine all the decorative advantages that rattan naturally has with the weatherproof qualities that it lacks.

It is primarily the fact that poly rattan is essentially a plastic-type material that makes it weather resistant. Although like natural rattan, it is also constructed over a strong frame, often aluminum, it is generally still much lighter than other garden or patio furniture material such as iron or solid wood. This offers flexibility in that it can easily be moved around into different arrangements or stacked for storage or gardening purposes. It is super-easy to keep clean of dust, leaves, food stains, or crumbs because it can be brushed, wiped, or hosed down. Perhaps, most importantly, its synthetic nature makes it easy to manipulate into a range of styles and shapes, a process that is much more difficult with more rigid materials. Therefore, it is available in a range of symmetrical and curved shapes that make excellent sofas, tables, chairs, sunbeds, daybeds, chaise lounges, and many other types of useful exterior furniture.

The fact that poly rattan is man-made also makes it a sustainable option in that it reduces the potential of over-demand for natural rattan and, therefore, the danger of damaging or destroying its natural environment.

Secund comment : 

Poly rattan is the most common synthetic alternative to traditional rattan for garden furniture - it is basically a plastic alternative that has been designed to look the same but offers a more resistant and economical alternative. Most rattan furniture advertised in Europe is in fact poly rattan, as is all our furniture available on the Asia Home Furniture website.

Well firstly, polyethylene is chosen for synthetic rattan garden furniture because it is very resistant to wear and tear – making it ideal for the Thai weather! It is lighter and stronger so it can be weaved into various shapes giving it much more variety in the garden. It is also extremely weatherproof and with regular maintenance, it can last for years outside - although we do recommend putting them under a cover for the winter months – and definitely storing cushions in a shed or garage to keep them in pristine condition.

Secondly, because it is plastic it does not attract bugs and wildlife to attack it – meaning it can be used in any type of garden without worry.

And finally, it is childproof! Because of the strong aluminum frame and the handwoven rattan effect, rattan garden furniture can withstand a lot of abuse, although we don’t recommend telling that to the kids!

Qualities make poly rattan and acacia solid wood suitable as furniture, indoor and outdoor.

Advanced technology means UV, weather resistance, and anti-color fading treatments.