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It is versatile enough to be transformed into different furniture forms, yet timeless enough to fit into different contemporary interiors

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Here we take the meaning and experience of home further by creating homes that adorn your definition of comfort and style with a creative flair. Pairing your unique sense of place with elements of Nordic sensibilities, we take cue from Scandinavian designs that are simmered with the charming ease of Hygge. Inspired by the Denmark way of life, Hygge (pronounced "Hooga") generally means "cosy" in English. But it's more than just a spatial attribute; Hygge is actually an experience that weaves into every fabric of your being - your mind, body and soul. From a soulful point of view, Hygge is experienced as a sense of tranquility in your everyday life; one that is free from stress and worries. Relaxing, tasteful, familiar, Hygge invites you to immerse into a light and easy pace of life. Simple lines and lush materials highlight our collections, where colours, materials and design aesthetics are put together in perfect harmony. We cherish the graceful elegance of dark walnut wood which conveys a sturdy yet stylish appeal. It's versatile enough to be transformed into different furniture forms, yet timeless enough to fit into different contemporary interiors. This collection brings the Scandinavian beauty of Hygge to meet the taste and requirements of this modern discerning generation.

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